Happy Customers

We continually receive emails and letters from our many happy customers. We thought we would share some of their photos and stories below. Enjoy!


Another Happy CustomerMay 13, 2019

Another Happy Customer – Times Two!

Hi Wanda,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know how much we love our pups! They are treasures and bring so much joy and laughter!

I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day and get to enjoy some peaceful moments too.

In these pictures we are visiting my family near Lake Michigan and Wisconsin. The boys have known my family since they were puppies, and my family adores them too!


OdinMay 7, 2019


Hi Wanda,

Odin is getting so big now! He’s just 5.5 months old and he’s almost 30lbs! He’s bigger than Bailey (our 4 year old that we got through you). We love him, he is dorky and outgoing. Bailey is happy to finally have a little/big brother. Thank you for our new addition to the family.

Thank you,
Adam, Michelle, Bailey, and Odin

Odin is a Bristol/Jack puppy!

LunaApril 7, 2019


Good morning Wanda,

Just a quick update on beautiful Luna. She is doing outstanding! We have worked hard over the last 2 weeks getting settled, socialized, potty trained and just plain acclimated to her new forever family! She is the dearest, sweetest and smartest little girl! She’s challenged everything I thought I new about raising a puppy and made me better for it! She is so smart and so sweet we have had so much fun learning together and bonding! I’m sad because I go back to work tomorrow and will miss her and worry about her (dad like) while we’re gone. She’s totally ready and will do fine I know! She loves the pet sitter (3 practice runs) she’s doing awesome in her crate, her clicker training is going amazing and she’s growing and feeling stronger and more self assured everyday! All is good!

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Luna is such an awesome little girl!

What a joy!!


OllieApril 5, 2019

Ollie (a.k.a. Jerry)

Hi Wanda,

Thanks for checking in! Jerry (now Ollie) is doing so well! He’s so sweet and great with people (he’s had lots of visitors). He’s sleeping through the night, is doing well with potty training, and knows some of his basic commands already! We love having him as part of our family and can’t wait to start puppy school with him soon. We can’t thank you enough for your help through this process, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as he grows up!

Melissa F.

KaiApril 5, 2019

Kai (a.k.a. Levi)


Kai is doing really well and has been an amazing addition to our little fam! He’s getting smarter and more handsome by the day and has been thriving at puppy socialization/obedience class.

Jennifer L.

JerryMarch 30, 2019



He made it!! He’s very happy and cuddly. Thank you so much for all of your help, Wanda. We really appreciate all of your support along the way. I’ll send updates and photos this week!

Jerry is a Porsche/ Tahoe puppy.

LunaMarch 27, 2019

Luna (a.k.a. Trudy)

Hi Wanda

Just wanted to let you know that beautiful Luna is doing great! She is doing super with potty training and is adjusting really well to her new home and family! She has such a wonderful sweet nature, and is so affectionate and smart! I see the same sweet gentle nature I saw in your adult dogs. We are so glad we chose Sandy Creek and just love this beautiful little girl so much!

I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Thank you again!!


OllieMarch 16, 2019


Hi Wanda!

Since it was Ollie’s birthday yesterday, I thought I would send you some updated pictures. He is the most wonderful puppy ever! So so handsome. Thank you so much!


MercedesMarch 15, 2019



This is a pic of Mercedes, and the kids call him Birdie. He is one year old today, and we love him to bits! He and Tweed are best friends. Hope you are well!


Luna (Trudy)March 12, 2019

Luna a.k.a. Trudy

Hi Wanda

Thank you so much for allowing us the time and freedom to pick out our beautiful Luna (Trudy) ❤️❤️ All those puppies are just wonderful!!

See you in 2 weeks! 😄😄😊.

You have a wonderful place and I just love all your adult dogs! Great temperaments!!!

Have a great weekend!!


CorettaMarch 12, 2019


Wanda thank you so much for letting me come visit the puppies yesterday. I apologize for taking so much of your time. I didn’t realize I had been there so long (I guess time flies when you’re playing with puppies!) but like you said it is a big decision and I’m really glad that I got to spend that time with them.

You know that I really liked the way that Coretta engaged and interacted with me. She seems quite a secure and inquisitive little personality, well they all do!, but the way Coretta locked eyes was the key for me! I’ll send you a couple of pictures that I showed everyone and it really emphasizes that in my recollection of her.

Anyway, the whole family agrees they are all adorable and it’s very hard to make a choice. But they are as enamoured by little Coretta as I was and so we will be thrilled to add her to our family!

Thank you again for taking a big part of your day to let me come. From your website to the puppies, the moms, and your whole facility everything reflects the love, care and pride you have in your dogs. I am so happy and thankful to have found Sandy Creek Aussies!


ZoeyMarch 6, 2019


Good evening.

Just wanted to share this photo with you of my little girl Zoey.

Owned by Timmy P

MaizeMarch 3, 2019


Hi Wanda,

Hope all is well! We can’t believe Mazie’s been with us for a year now – wanted to send you a couple pictures and let you know how much joy she has brought to our lives. She is the happiest girl, and has so much love for everyone she meets. Whenever we leave the house she pokes her head between the curtains and watches us drive away.

She’s a total goofball, always smiling, and LOVES playing in the snow (good thing we’ve got plenty of it this winter).

She goes to daycare 2-3 times a week and the staff love her so much that two of them have now gotten mini aussies of their own!!!

We can’t imagine our lives without her. Thank you for the great work you do.

Lizzi and Austin

SashaFebruary 25, 2019


Hi Wanda ~

I am also attaching a few pictures of our gal. Not my best pics but you can see how big she has gotten, well actually not really that big, but she has lost a lot of the puppy look. She has been a complete angel, and is so loved. She is the most loving protective and smart dog I have seen in a while. She loves her wolf pack Georgia, Cece, and Vivi so much. She rarely has anytime alone as the girls make sure she is always with them. She knows exactly what time the bus leaves in the morning and when it comes home. She has her spot on the couch that she watches out the front window for them and nothing stops her from greeting them at the door.

She has been great with the daycare kids, always making sure she keeps the herd together and that they are safe. She lays by them during naptime to keep an eye on them and that they take naps. I am pretty sure Sasha thinks she is in charge.

We can’t thank you enough for giving us such a sweet and loving dog, we are all so lucky to have her a part of our daily lives.

Thank you


Sasha is a Tomika/ Ogee puppy

RemmyFebruary 19, 2019


Just wanted to share some puppy pictures! Remmy is doing so great! We are obsessed with him!

Remmy is a Bristol/Jack Puppy

February 13, 2019

Dunkin and Bear (a.k.a. Tommy and Bobby)

Dunkin and Bear

Hi Wanda,

Thanks for checking. The boys are doing great, and adapting very well. Lots of energy and getting along with their big brother. They are really doing well with potty training and giving us signs when they need to go out. Dunkin is high energy and crashes out hard, Bear loves to eat! Both are very sweet guys.

Both are Saverya/Tahoe Puppies


Remmy 2019-02February 9, 2019



Remmy is doing great! He sleeps for most of the night but wakes up occasionally to potty! Only a few accidents in the house but he has been doing awesome at pottying! He seems to be adjusting really well so far.

Carter and ItsyFebruary 4, 2019

Finnegan & Izzy (Formerly Itsy and Copper)


Hi Wanda,

David and I met another one from Finnegan’s litter at puppy class!

Both of these puppies are from Bristol and Jack.

Izzy HappyJanuary 27, 2019

Izzy (a.k.a. Itsy)

Hi Wanda,

Here are some pictures of Izzy (Itsy). We went to the vet last Wednesday and everyone loves her. Vet visit went well, she’s a healthy pup! She’s sleeping well, eating well and playing hard. She loves her crate but she likes to steal Keegan’s crate to nap during the day. Keegan’s being a good big brother, showing her boundaries. She’s learning a lot. They play very well together, he’s tolerating her better now. We’re still practicing alone time. If she’s tired, she doesn’t fight it but she still occasionally whines when I put her in the playpen. Today she learned how to climb out of her playpen. She’s quite mischievous! Potty training has been good, it’s getting cold so she’s not a fan of going outside. She’s mastered climbing a 4 step stairway. She also learned sit. We start puppy classes this week. We still have a lot of learning to do. Will keep you posted as she grows. Stay warm!


CooperJanuary 24, 2019


Hi Wanda,

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to say a quick hi and just you an update on Crush/Teddy/Cooper. I can’t believe he’s already a year old. He’s grown into a very handsome and extraordinary dog.

He learns very quickly and knows all of the basic commands (sit, down, chin down, stay, wait, come, touch, fetch, drop, find it, leave it, take it, go to bed, bring me the toy/ball, paw, high five, kisses, front, turn left, turn right). We’re currently working on rollover, spin, twirl, carry, clean up, and wave goodbye, and he’ll be starting agility classes shortly. In addition, we have a walker/trainer come a couple of times a week, and she’s offered to teach him some additional tricks on the weekend for free, provided we’re okay with him being on her website. I can’t wait to see some of the more challenging things she’ll teach him. Now, if only we can get him to like his harness….

He gets along very well with other dogs. He’s got a nice rotation of play mates in the neighborhood/dog park and we do some play dates as well. I’d say his favorite game is keep away. (We get to play that one too, with a ball or toy – or best of all, a sock – dangling from the side of his mouth to taunt us!) But anytime he gets to chase or be chased, he’s a happy dog.

He has amazing tolerance for the yappy lap dogs who will bark at him or bounce all around him when we say hello on the sidewalk. He’s always perfectly calm with them and with children. I was so proud of him the other day when a 3 or 4 year old girl put her hands all of his face and eventually squeezed around his neck to give him a hug. I could tell he didn’t enjoy it, but he stayed perfectly cool the entire time, except for a look up at me to say, “please, can you stop this now?” He is a favorite of many of the older folks who live in our building who gush and coo over him, and I can tell that interacting with him really makes their day.

Not a day goes by that I don’t hear some version of “oh my god, that’s a beautiful dog” or “what an incredible dog” or “what a happy dog”
(Ok, with 3-4 hours of walks a day, we get it more than once a day).
Many aussie owners I meet tell about how much they wish their dog had Cooper’s build, face shape, coloring, eyes, calm temperament, etc.
We feel he’s the perfect size.

I am constantly amazed how well he does on leash, especially with all of the distractions of a busy city. (His only hard-to-ignore distractions are skateboarders or the occasional pack of runners – I guess you can’t stop a herding dog all of the time). He’s also really come to know the city. He never forgets a pet store or one that offers treats and will light up and start tugging toward them a couple of blocks away. We have a farmer’s market a couple of blocks away that is open every other day, and he’s got a set routine: first he goes toward the fish monger, then over to the turkey stand, and then to the cheesemaker. And if he is really lucky, he’ll run into the older woman who always seems to have a treat ready for him. He can spot her in a crowd quicker than I ever could. On these trips, he’ll transform himself into the most perfectly focused dog, who sits patiently (albeit he squirms a little) in anticipation. We never knew how much free stuff you can get, but I guess it pays to have good looks!

He loves to go to new places – and he always must be in the lead when we do so. We take him every weekend to Central Park for morning off-leash hours. He scurries ahead, but he has excellent recall.
(Given, it helps to have some fresh chicken on you!) It’s fun to move from lawn to lawn and have him meet and run around with other pups along the way. We take him about once a month to do a hike in the Hudson Valley, but we really think he was most in his element over the holidays when we spent the week in Vermont. He loved the snow, and we just tried to keep up as he literally pulled us up hills and through icy paths. It was impossible to tire him out – just when we thought we had, he’d be back up 2 hours later ready to go again.

I’m attaching some recent photos. They’re of him at a dog-friendly coffee shop in our neighborhood and in Vermont.

Jeff and I are constantly saying how lucky we were to find him. He’s a wonderful being, and he’s brought us a tremendous amount of joy and laughter.

Courtney, Jeff and Crush/Cooper

Calvin aka BennyJanuary 23, 2019

Calvin (a.k.a. Benny)

Hi Wanda!

Calvin (Benny) is doing great! He has brought so much love and joy to my life. Everywhere we go people stop and admire how beautiful he is. We have been to a couple puppy playtimes and he loves playing with other puppies! We start obedience classes next week and I’m sure he’ll do amazing. He already knows sit and lay down. Thanks so much for everything!


Benny is a Saverah/ Tahoe puppy

Hazel aka NalaJanuary 23, 2019

Hazel (a.k.a. Nala)

Hi Wanda.

Doing really well, perfect with visitors cuddly with all. Sleeping well each night. Eating well, likes dry food best. Free range in kitchen plays, with all of her balls. Loves romping in snow after she potty’s. She sees herself in the black dishwasher barked at first now she touches her nose kissy then tries to look under trying to get in to see that dog.

Nala/now Hazel is a Bristol/Jack puppy.


HarperJanuary 12, 2019


Harper is fitting in nicely!


HazelJanuary 20, 2019


Oh Wanda. Hazel is wonderful. Second night of good sleep for us all. Right now she is enjoying lap/nap time. What I have missed for along time. 🥰John is in love too. XXOO


DashJanuary 15, 2019


Another happy customer!

Dash is a Trooper/Paisley Puppy


JimmyJanuary 4, 2019


Hi Wanda,

Thank you for checking in! The puppy is doing great. He loves following his big brother, Buddy around and chasing his tail. Buddy still isn’t sure how he feels about the little guy, but we’ve noticed every day he warms up a little bit more. We started clicker training yesterday and he has caught on very quickly.

Thank you again! We will keep you updated.

Morgan M.