Happy Customers

We continually receive emails and letters from our many happy customers. We thought we would share some of their photos and stories below. Enjoy!


Haven and DodgeJanuary 25, 2020

Haven and Dodge

They are doing awesome! They had a full day yesterday. They definitely look for cooler places to rest. We love them so much. They’re doing great with giving signals to go outside to potty. Very impressed with them.

NickiJanuary 7, 2020



It was such a pleasure to meet you at the show last Sunday!

Nicki has got her C-ATCH (CPE Agility Trial Champion) title last fall. She has got Excellent titles in Standard, JWW and FAST in AKC agility and works on the Master titles. She continues competing in the Scent Work in CPE and AKC. Last year she earned the Novice titles in Containers, Interior and Exterior in AKC. She has also passed the ORT tests for all required scents in the NACSW and we hope to get her in some NACSW trials this year.
Nicki is a very busy girl these days. She has agility, scent work or obedience classes every evening on weekdays. And she has heaps of fun with all of it (well, maybe not necessarily the obedience 😊).

As we have mentioned, Nicki has qualified for this year’s CPE Agility Nationals (in Ohio) and we are seriously considering entering her into it.

When we’ve got Nicki from you in January 2017, you have asked us if we are going to “show” her. We replied that we are just getting a pet dog, that’s all. That was an honest replay – we have never seriously trained a dog before and did not have plans to do it. Yet, here we are three years later, taking Nicki to classes and practices most weekday’s evenings and spending half weekends in agility or scent work trials. Not to mention that once in two-three months Nicki has an adjustment appointments with the vet chiropractor to make sure she is in good shape.
It is crazy. Good crazy.

We are happy to have Nicki as our family member and hope that she is happy with us.

Alex, Elvira and Nicki