Happy Customers

We continually receive emails and letters from our many happy customers. We thought we would share some of their photos and stories below. Enjoy!


RooneyDecember 17, 2022


Hard to believe I picked Ronney up from you 10 years ago this month!

Love him to death!🐾💞

Merry Christmas Wanda to you and yours!🎄

BrenleeMay 22, 2022

Thula (a.k.a. Brenlee)

Hello Wanda,

We wanted to share a few photos of Thula (Brenlee) as we near the eighth month mark. She is a wonderful puppy with a great personality.

We hope this finds you well.

Craig and Marie N

EllieApril 16, 2022

Ellie (a.k.a. Ella)

Hi Wanda,

We have not posted a review on your website since 2019. We wanted to send you this new update Ella (renamed by us to Ellie Tuttle). A testament to the quality of the temperament of the mini American shepherd we purchased from you. During the covid pandemic Ellie became my therapy dog and physical motivator. She was my drug of choice which provided me the calm I needed every day. She also was my motivator to keep physically moving everyday. We worked as a team to improve on the basic obedience commands. This past January 2022 we passed our evaluation registration evaluation to work as a therapy animal team. Just wanted to let you know what a blessing Ellie has been to our family. Through the pandemic I have learned from Ellie “when you love a good dog consider yourself rich”.
Thank you again for raising good quality dogs.

Best Regards
Donna & Geoff Tuttle

P.S. Ellie is beautiful and the perfect temperament.

Ellie is a Winnie/Charlay puppy.

RipleyFebruary 26, 2022


He is gorgeous!!!! I’m so happy everything is going good. Thank you so much for the picture and the update. Keep them coming. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Ripley is a Gisele/Remi Puppy

Harley ValentineFebruary 16, 2022


Hi Wanda!

I want to give you an update on our sweet Harley girl. Sunday she graduates from her beginner obedience training (pictures to come) then she will move on to intermediate obedience classes. She is the teachers pet for how smart she is. She loves chasing squirrels and birds and just loves life.

I have attached a picture of her smelling my Valentine’s Day flowers which is so adorable.

We can’t believe she will be a year old already in a couple months. Life has been so fun with her.

I hope you are doing well.

EverestJanuary 2, 2022


Good morning!

She is doing well! Growing so quickly! We just were commenting on how long her legs are getting. She loves the snow, exploring, and being outside no matter the temp! She has this habit of launching herself off the deck (just 1 step) and landing in the snow. So cute! Her personality is really showing itself. She loves to cuddle, play, antagonize her big sis, and nap. We start puppy socialization classes next week.

We love her so much! A perfect addition! 💜💜

Everest is a Gisele/Remi puppy.

PepperJanuary 2, 2022


Hi Wanda! Happy new year to you as well!

Pepper is doing well. Her little personality is coming out! She gets rambunctious and naughty sometimes haha. We are looking forward to being able to take her for walks soon, once she’s done with her shots!

I hope all is well with you.

Take care,

Pepper is a Gisele/Remi puppy.