Happy Customers -2021

EastonDecember 31, 2021


He is doing great! He loved going to Fleet Farm to get some new toys.

Easton is a Sunny/Pip puppy.

ThulaDecember 19, 2021

Thula (a.k.a. Brenlee)

Hello Wanda,

We just wanted to touch base to let you know that Thula (Brenlee) is doing great. She is getting along well with her big brother and looking entirely comfortable with her surroundings. A great puppy with wonderful demeanor. I’ve attached a photo from today.

Happy Holidays!

Thula is a Sunny/Pip puppy.

PepperDecember 16, 2021



She continues to be a fabulous dog. She loves all the other dogs she meets, adapting quickly to their different temperaments and needs. She’s great with kids and adults, too. She’s happy all the time.

Daphne W

EverestDecember 16, 2021


She’s doing really well! She is so playful and silly. Loves to chew on everything. She’s figured out how to go up stairs but hasn’t shown any interested in going down (which is fine with me!). She’s slept about 5 hours straight the last couple of nights. We went to vet yesterday; she is 8.5 pounds and greeted both the tech and vet with wiggles and kisses. Such a happy pup! Potty training is mostly successful, just a few accidents that are on us learning her signals and her timing.

We just love this little girl!


Everest is a Gisele/Remi puppy.

EverestDecember 13, 2021


Good morning!

She is doing well! She had a full day of snuggles yesterday and was pretty tired from all the excitement.

She ate and drank well. And is learning where her potty spot is. She is having fun exploring and chewing on every shoelace she can find! But is easily corrected and given a toy.

She slept ok in the crate (we put a stuffed animal in with her) but cried when she would wake up. A little soothing and she went right back to sleep. We went out a couple times over night as we figure out her noises and timing.

Cattin (our mini) follows her everywhere and they have playing in the snow together.

I don’t have any questions at the moment. She has already snuggled right into our hearts!


Everest is a Gisele/Remi puppy.

LindyNovember 29, 2021


Hi Wanda,

Wanted to send you an update on miss Lindy, we’re obsessed with her! She’s such a good girl, loves learning new tricks, playing, and snuggling on the couch every night. We’re excited for her first Christmas coming soon! She has been the best dog, and so healthy as well!


ThulaNovember 27, 2021


Hello Wanda,

Thula is a wonderful girl. She slept in a crate last night and did very well. We took a very short walk this afternoon just to give her a taste and she played in the yard. Great demeanor. Beautiful puppy.

Enjoy the weekend!


Thula is a Sunny/Pip puppy.

ZionOctober 19, 2021

Zion (a.k.a. Quill)

Good morning Wanda,

I had my friend take photos of Zion yesterday so thought I would share. 🙂


BearOctober 17, 2021

Bear (a.k.a. Rocket)

Good Afternoon!

He is doing really well! He settled in nicely right away. Bear is the name we ended up picking.

Bear is a Seeley/Brady puppy.

NalaSeptember 4, 2021


Hello Wanda.

Have not sent pictures in a while. Nala is doing great. Thanks again for such a wonderful dog.


Nala is a Charlotte/Teddy puppy

WoodhouseAugust 29, 2021

Woodhouse (a.k.a. Kristoff)

Dear Wanda,

We wanted to give you an update on how Woodhouse has been doing. Woodhouse is an amazing addition to our family. He is growing up so fast. We think he looks so much like Trooper, but he is a total sweetheart like Saverah. Woodhouse is so smart and has taken very well to training. He did a fantastic job playing on the agility equipment at a park near us, we are planning on signing him up for agility classes soon. We can’t express to you how thankful we are to have found such a wonderful breeder with such beautiful dogs.

Bryce D and Natasha H

RoxyAugust 4, 2021


Hello Wanda,

Our wonderful Roxy had her first birthday on August 3rd. She is such a great companion. She receives a lot of compliments when we take her out for walks. It seems everyone in the neighborhood knows her name. We have her in agility classes and she loves it. Never a dull moment.

Pablo, Melissa and Roxy

Nala/AvaJuly 12, 2021


Hello Wanda,

Sorry it took so long but here are a few more pictures of Nala (aka Ava). She is doing great. Growing. Very smart. Just can’t let her be smarter than me or she will be in control. I will try to get more pictures with my two boys, myself and Nala.

Craig F

Alfie/RamboJuly 12, 2021


Hello Wanda!

Hope you’ve been well. Just wanted to send along a recent picture of Alfie/Rambo from October litter. He is such a smart and loving dog. I am so lucky to have him!

OllieJune 29, 2021


Hi Wanda,

Ollie is doing great! I swear he has doubled in size in the past month. My customers all love him so attention is not an issue! He learns quickly and gets more mischievous each day. Thanks for checking in, I hope you are doing well too!!

Ollie is a Charlotte/Teddy puppy

HarleyJune 18, 2021


Good morning,

I know it’s been less than a week, but Harley is fitting in just perfectly with our family. She is so loved already! She is slowly learning to go to the door and ring the bells to let us know when she has to go potty. She is such a good girl and her personality is really starting to come out.


Sassy/now Harley is a Saverah/Trooper Puppy

WoodhouseJune 15, 2021


Dear Wanda,

WoodHouse (Kristoff) is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all your help ❤️. He is doing great! At bedtime he whined for one minute then quickly fell sound asleep. He is an absolute pro at going potty outside. He hasn’t been eating all of his food at mealtimes, I’ll offer him his food again at 12 today. The notes you typed out are very helpful! We really appreciate them! Here is a photo of him taking a nap this morning.


Kristoff/Woodhouse is a Saverah/Trooper Puppy

AvaJune 14, 2021


Hello Wanda, here are a few pictures of Nala (aka Ava). She is doing great. I have a trainer coming tomorrow to help me with the basics. But she is ringing the bell when she has to go out, sitting and pretty much knows the boundaries of the yard. Thanks again. She is a great dog.

Craig F

Ava/now Nala is a Charlotte/Teddy Puppy

BluJune 5, 2021


Here is our beautiful Blu! He brings us so much joy!


Blu is a Porsche/Tahoe Puppy

DakotaJune 5, 2021


Dakota is 5 years young.

Dakota is a Tropper/Shalay Puppy

Ginny (a.k.a. Wink)

June 1, 2021

Ginny (a.k.a. Wink)

Hello Wanda,
Sorry it’s been a while! Time sure does fly. This spring our Giant Schnauzer, Molly, died. We are happy to have Ginny (Wink) in our family. She seemed to transition really well to being a single dog household. We’ve continued to go to training classes with Ginny, more for our benefit than hers. We’re learning a lot and it helps both of us to remember to be active and always learning.

When the weather turned warm, we finally got Ginny in the kayak and SUP with us. I think she is going to be a natural. She’s super curious about the water even when we aren’t in it. We’ve also camped a few times this spring and she does well with watching everything.

Becky, Joel and Ginny


May 16, 2021


Hi Wanda,

We’re onto our 2nd obedience class, and Lindy is definitely the star pupil! She has great impulse control and recall, and she also knows some fun tricks like high-five, bow, spin, and play dead. We take her to my parents property and let her run, and she’ll keep going for hours and loves bounding through the hay fields! I’m looking forward to starting some agility training with her once she’s a little older, I think she will love it!

Wanted to send you some more photos we had taken of Lindy recently! She’s such a model and so good at posing for us! We’re having a great time with her, she’s becoming more grown up every day. The sweetest girl who loves everyone she meets and tries so hard to be good!

Lindy is a Saverah/Trooper Puppy

Pepper a.k.a. FergieMay 16, 2021

Pepper (a.k.a. Fergie)


Pepper (Fergie) is great. She’s been in puppy class for the past six weeks, and we did a zoom obedience class. She continues to be extremely friendly and loves playing with other dogs.


Pepper is a Saverah/Trooper Puppy

KinleyApril 26, 2021


Hi Wanda – just a quick update on Kinley. What an awesome pup. So very smart and quick to learn. We are working on stop and come cuz she loves to blot if an opportunity arises. We have learned to keep the leash on so we can step on it if close to her when she takes a chance to run wild. It’s a game of “catch me if you can”. Lol We would be lost without her.

She has a best friend too. Our friends got a mini aussie 2 weeks before Kinley and do they ever love to play. So fun.

She now is fully vaccinated, on heartworm/flea protection and was spayed last Monday. The vet and assistants say she is the sweetest pup they’ve ever had. Made my heart swell.

Anyway Kinley is doing awesome and is awesome. Thanks again for the wonderful breeding you do!!


Kinley is a Saverah/Trooper Puppy

LindyApril 18, 2021

Lindy (a.k.a. Ivy)

Hi Wanda,

Thought I’d send along some more photos of our sweet Lindy girl! We fall in love with her more and more every day!! She’s best friends with our neighbor’s dog, and they have lots of playtime every day! She’s learning to switch off, so she’s earned her couch privileges and we’ve had lots of great snuggles lately! She loves to play fetch and is SO speedy, I don’t know how her little legs can go so fast! We got to play around with some agility equipment in our puppy class, and I really want to do that with her someday, I think she’d love it!

She’s a gem, so thank you again!! We’ve had several friends interested in a MAS for their next dog after meeting her, and I always send them to your website to see all of the cute pups!

Ivy/now Linday is a Saverah/Trooper Puppy

Maya PorscheApril 16, 2021

Maya and Porsche


?Thank you for bringing these two beautiful loving ladies into our lives.

PepperApril 5, 2021

Pepper (a.k.a. Fergie)


Pepper continues to be such a wonderfully friendly and confident dog. This morning she was so enthralled with our neighbor’s goats that she crawled through the fence into the pen! Fortunately, they are also extremely friendly.



Pepper is a Niki/Teddy Puppy

LindyApril 2, 2021

Lindy (a.k.a. Ivy)

Hi Wanda,

Wanted to send you a quick update on miss Lindy, she has been doing wonderfully for us! Figured out the potty bells just a day after we last talked, and has been doing great with it since! She’s doing so well with her threshold training, place training, and starting to work on loose leash walking!

A good friend of mine is in town this weekend, and she grooms and shows dogs, so she showed me how to groom Lindy myself, and I’ve attached some photos of how nice she looks after her groom!

Thanks again for raising such a wonderful pup, we love her!

Lindy is a Niki/Teddy Puppy

Tweed MercedesMarch 18, 2021

Tweed and Mercedes (a.k.a. Birdy)

Hi Wanda, I just wanted to say hello and that I’m thinking of you this week because our doggies have birthdays this week. This is Tweed and Mercedes (we call him Birdy). We love them so much and they bring our whole family and other people a lot of joy! We hope you’re doing well!


LindyMarch 11, 2021

Lindy (a.k.a. Ivy)

Things have continued to go really well with Lindy! She is growing so fast and is smart as a whip! Potty training and crate training have been going super well, and she has quite a few commands in her repertoire already. She certainly plays hard and sleeps hard! She loves going out to my parents property and getting to run around in the field, and we have our first socialization class tonight, so we’re looking forward to that!

Erin L

Lindy is a Niki/Teddy Puppy

PepperMarch 2, 2021

Pepper (a.k.a. Fergie)

I just wanted to let you know that as expected, Pepper (Fergie) passed her first puppy check with flying colors. She was a great hit with all the vet techs, and they and the doctor commented upon how well socialized she is, as well as how cute.

Here a pic of her frolicking in the snow.


Pepper is a Niki/Teddy Puppy

IvyFebruary 27, 2021


She’s precious! She just crawled in her crate by herself to take a nap, yay!! Already working on sit and down, she catches on fast.

Ivy is a Niki/Teddy puppy

BaileyFebruary 15, 2021

Bailey (a.k.a. Willa)


She is very smart and energetic. Loves the big yard and being outside. She is really good with people and warms up to them. We get a lot of compliments on her as expected. Very good looking dog.


Bailey is out of Gisele and Lincoln

BeanzFebruary 8, 2021


Beanz is doing great; he loves going for walks and hikes. I let him off leash when in the woods away from roads, and he loves to explore all the smells, but stays close and checks back often. If we go with other people Beanz will run back and forth making sure all his people are still with him. He is definitely a mamas boy, but has a solid number of people that he trusts and takes direction from. He is so eager to learn, so we are constantly learning new tricks and solidifying old ones. Right now he’s got the basics down along with waving and whispering. We’re working on roll over and jumping through a hoop. Beanz has a lot of dog friends who he loves playing with and loves everyone he meets. He is a little wary of kids, but getting better. Recently, Beanz got to go snowmobiling and ice fishing in the BWCA while visiting some friends who also have an Aussie, named Bosley. It is so fun to watch them interact because they have very similar personalities and mannerisms.

Beanz is a Gisele/Lincoln Puppy

BroncoJanuary 26, 2021

Bronco (a.k.a. Rio)


Bronco was meant for our family!

He is brilliant!

He loves walks, and playing fetch. He also loves to cuddle my husband and my 3-yr old the moment they sit down!

We are so lucky to have him.

He has helped me heal in ways I can’t explain.

As always, thank you!

Sarah R