Happy Customers – 2018

Decemember 30, 2018

From Facebook:

“Wanda does an AMAZING job with her pups!!!! She knew exactly what was the best match for my daughter and they have gone on to be a very successful show team. Beautiful dogs— you cannot go wrong with her bloodlines and service!!! 5 stars all the way!!!!”

– Shannon W.


DashNovember 19, 2018


Guess who turned 1? We love Dash!!!

Thank you for helping bring us together!!!

BuddyNovember 19, 2018


I wish the quality of our Buddy pictures attached could better express our love for him. Our little marvel has gone beyond family member to physical therapist. He single handedly has taken my walking dexterity from one block to three miles.

Thank you so much for your enhancement of our lives.


DashNovember 19, 2018


Guess who turned 1? We love Dash!!!

Thank you for helping bring us together!!!


Dash is a Trooper/Paisley Puppy

Shalay and TobyNovember 2, 2018

Shalay and Toby

Hello Wanda!!

They both are doing great! We love them dearly. Shalay has settled in nicely and Toby is such a wonderful little boy. He was neutered a couple weeks ago and his weight was 18.2 lbs. His personality is so great and he prances around like he’s top dog. He and Shalay play and play. They loved each other a lot. They bring us so much joy!!

Thank you for checking in and hope you are doing well.

Misty P

September 29, 2018

Reba at 9 Months

She’s growing up…great personality and incredibly loving.


RikerSeptember 22, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Today Riker turned 7! Thought you’d enjoy a picture and update of Riker. Riker still loves to go for a ride on the 4 wheeler, chase squirrels and loves to get pets! He is a very loyal dog , well behaved and a joy to have.

Colleen and Terry

PippaSeptember 1, 2018

Pippa (a.k.a. Rosemary)

Pippa, a.k.a. Rosemary from Paisley/Trooper’s November 2017 litter LOVES living on the lake and is still the cuddliest MAS I have had. She’s strong, healthy and happy, thanks for sharing her with us, she’s a delight

ShelbyAugust 27, 2018


Hi Wanda,

She is a treasure and I’m grateful to you.


Lizzie HappyAugust 27, 2018

Lizzie (a.k.a Marley)

Lizzie is 6 months old today! We are currently in the upper peninsula of Michigan for a week and Lizzie’s been having the best time! She loves hiking and exploring! She really loves swimming too!

Lizzie is a Shalay/ Trooper puppy.

DasherAugust 21, 2018


This weekend 8/18-19/2018 we were in Elmhurst, Illinois at For Your K 9 for The Greater Chicago Area Assoc. AKC Scent work trial. It was 2 days and 12 elements marathon. Dasher earned his Scent work Novice title on Saturday. Finished our Advanced Interior and Exterior titles. So we had a total of 4 element titles. Then we had one run in Excellent interiors. This one you have 3 known hides but not how many in each room. You have to finish a room before moving to the next room. I was nervous because this is first time we had this situation at a trial this is unique to AKC, If you mess up first room your done so when Dash thought he was done in first room I called finish and he was right, so then we knew there were 2 hides in the next. Our motto is Trust Your Dog, I did, we passed our first Excellent leg. Go Dash you rocked.

Thanks Wanda for a great partner. I received many wonderful comments this weekend on his looks, how well he works, and his friendliness this is only our 2nd AKC trial so we are meeting more new people and seeing old friends who haven’t met him before.

Rudi and Dash will be competing again at 2 in September next, we also have 2 seminars we are going to on Nose work. Our agility classes are on Sundays so I have to balance trials, so we don’t miss too many classes. Rudi is the agility rock star and Dasher the nosework rock star. But they both do each very well. Also next month Rudi will be 2 years old, how time flies.

Well I’ll sign off for now thanks for the newsletter. Fun seeing his name.

Roni Thielsen, Dasher and Rudi

BennyAugust 14, 2018


Morning Wanda,

Benny is over 3 years old and is doing better than great. Best dog ever!

Thank you!

Peg M.

Benny is a Suri / Scooter offspring.

Two HappyAugust 12, 2018

“Two” Happy

Hi Wanda,

I just wanted to let you know that we took the doggies on a long camping trip and they did great! We got lots of comments and questions about them and we let people know about you. Hope you are having a good summer!

🙂 Yvonne

Both of these mini aussies are from Sandy Creek

LunaJuly 28, 2018


Hi Wanda!

Just took this and wanted to pass it along.


This is Luna, a Reagan / Trooper puppy.

LizzieJuly 25, 2018


Hi Wanda!

Hope you’re doing well! I thought you might enjoy some fun shots of Lizzie playing fetch. She’s starting to jump after the ball and I took a few fun action shots. She’s so beautiful and such a good puppy! 5 months in a couple days! I can’t believe it! Hopefully we will be able to come that way for a visit sometime!

Enjoy the pictures!!

Cora K

CrushJuly 17, 2018

Cooper (a.k.a.Crush)

Hi Wanda,

Crush/Cooper is doing great. We are absolutely in love and can’t imagine a better dog. He’s been so easy to train. He’s great on leash, fun to play with at home (loves tug and keep away), and does great with other dogs and humans. He’s got a number of pals/playmates in the neighborhood. And he’s constantly getting attention from his many admirers. We love to watch him in action at the dog park. He always manages to get a pack of dogs running around in a circle – and he of course loves to chase them! He’s turned into quite a handsome dog. We know we’re biased, but we’ve yet to see a better looking aussie in the city!

It was hot yesterday – 90 degree high – so he was loving the baths and fountains at this park. He spent a lot of time running around with 2 (!!) other aussies (as well as a dachshund and a huskie) and played fetch with a golden retriever.




CashJune 19, 2018


Hi Wanda,

All is wonderful and Cash is loving his life! (I wish I was a dog in my house … maybe my next life.)

Hope all is well with you and yours. We really enjoyed getting to know you … please keep in touch as we will as well.


Mazie (a.k.a. Jenna)


Hi Wanda,

Mazie (formerly Jenna) is doing great! She is the funniest, sweetest little puppy with quite the personality. We can’t go on a walk without being swarmed by people wanting to meet her. She loves everyone, people and dogs alike. She’s also a super quick learner and had all the basic commands down within the first few weeks.

We’re closing on a house in the next few weeks, so she’ll have a fenced in backyard of her very own soon!

Lizzi and Austin


OleJune 15, 2018


Hi Wanda!

Ole is the best! We love him so much. He’s potty trained and sleeps through the night. We passed puppy kindergarten, and he learned to sit, lay down, and shake (his favorite). He’s super social and has tons of puppy and people friends :).

ShelbyJune 14, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Shelby is doing really well! We are so happy she is a part of our family. 🙂

June 13, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Just wanted to send you a quick update on Gigi Cupcake…

She has been the most perfect addition to our family! She is smart, active, lovable and just the sweetest puppy ever. Taking her out is constant attention to pet the puppy with the blue eyes and she welcomes all the love and attention she can get. Our kids (9 & 5) absolutely love her!! We can’t get enough of her!! Thanks for checking in! We are so in love!!

BindiJune 13, 2018


Hi Wanda!

Here are recent photos of Bindi! She is beautiful and just the best.

Bindi is doing great! She is happy, healthy, fully potty trained and has mastered her basic commands. Her recall is outstanding. I’m a proud mama. She is very food motivated, affectionate, athletic and loves being the center of attention. She is my little shadow. I love her so much.

I hope you and your family and the dogs are doing well!

Thank you!


LizzieJune 12, 2018

Lizzie (a.k.a. Marley)

Lizzie (formerly Marley) is 15 weeks old today! We can’t believe how much and how fast she has grown. She is about 15 pounds now!

She loves laying with us on the couch and has claimed herself as a couch dog. She just graduated her first session of obedience classes last night. She is so very smart and wonderful with kids and adults. She has not met a person who she doesn’t want to get pets from and she hasn’t met a dog she doesn’t want to play with.

She loves playing fetch and soccer in the backyard with the kids and hanging out with us on the deck. She does great on walks and learned to walk on a leash very quickly. She LOVES ice cubes and will come running for one every time she hears us getting ice from the machine.

She fits into our family perfectly and she is such a wonderful puppy!

Enjoy the pictures!


RebaJune 12, 2018

Reba (a.k.a Callie)

Hi Wanda –

Reba (family name change) is doing great! She’s starting to show her personality, which is lovable and super friendly.

Reba is enrolled in daily dog care with roughly 15 other pups, who go to the beach and park everyday.. what a life 😉


EmmyJune 12, 2012


Hi Wanda!

Emmy is doing wonderful. She is a lover and she couldn’t be more sweet. You can see her little wiggling butt from a mile away! Her right eye turned half brown. She and Vinnie wrestle and play all day. She’s bigger than him now at just 5 months… She’s long, tall, and full of it! I think we came to the conclusion that Vinnie is on the small side. We just love them so much.

Thank you for giving us our best friends!

OllieJune 12, 2018


Ollie is wonderful!!! He has literally stopped traffic!! People stop in front of our house and ask what kind of puppy he is and where did we get him! People give compliments on his name too. He’s so handsome and friendly…and SMART. His favorite thing is belly rubs! He demands them . Truly, a great addition to our family. We are loving him more and more everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We went for a walk the other day and he found a tennis ball…he was so proud of his new found toy, carried it in his mouth the entire way home. He’s adorable!


June 12, 2018

Willow (a.k.a. Prada)

Hey Wanda,

Everything is going wonderful. Willow sure is popular. We have a long list of babysitters that want to take care her if needed.

Try to take her on a different nature walk every week.

It’s been fun for both of us and has helped a her socialization. Can’t decide if she likes humans or other dogs better.

Thanks for reaching out!


RosieJune 12, 2018


Hi! I’ve been meaning to send photos, she is doing good. She is turning out to be more my dog. She loves everyone in the family, but I’m the one home with her, she hangs with me while I’m working, so she tends to gravitate towards me. She thinks every dog and person walking through my door is her best friend. One of the photos I attached shows her on my table trying to play with a friendly lab.

Rosie is super sweet. She loves my Doberman, Addie. Addie puts up with Rosie “herding” her.

I love Rosie’s size at the moment. I’m hoping she doesn’t get much bigger. She has such a soft coat. I was expecting her to be more of a barker. I have had experience with Shelties and they tend to bark often, but I am very pleasantly surprised that she doesn’t bark unless there is a reason. Even then, she sometimes chooses to watch instead of bark.

Over Mother’s Day weekend met a gal in Iowa that bought a couple dogs from you. She was able to meet Rosie.

I am very happy with her. She is a well-rounded little pup!! I hope all is well for you.


Tweed's BuddyJune 11, 2018

Tweed’s New Buddy

Hi Wanda, he is precious! We have been teaching him sit and down. He and Tweed get along very well. Thank you for checking in. We always tell people where we got him. Lots of people have ask where he is from and him think he is a sweet, beautiful pup.

Thank you!


Bandit's New BuddyJune 11, 2018

Bandit’s New Buddy

He’s doing great! Him and Bandit are getting along really well and he adjusted really good. He always finds the funniest places to nap and everyone that meets him just adores him!

MercedesMay 12, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Puppy did great yesterday and ate a good dinner.

Tweed loves him and has been playing well.

We love him!!

🙂 Yvonne


GatorApril 29, 2018

Juno (a.k.a. Gator)

Hi Wanda,

Here is a picture of Juno (Gator). He is a good little pup and loves the

He is very social and gets along well with other dogs and a favorite with
the neighborhood kids and adults.

Thank you for following up,



TheoApril 24, 2018

Theo (a.k.a. Bowen)

Hi Wanda!

Theo is doing great! We continue to work with him on not biting, jumping, etc…but those are all normal puppy behaviors :). We all love him and probably spoil him way too much. He’s nearly fully potty trained so that’s awesome as well.


PippaApril 23, 2018



Just thought I’d check in to give you some updates on Pippa! She recently turned 1 year old (March 19) and is loving life. She loves to go on runs, go to the park, and hang out with all her local doggy friends. She has completed novice obedience training and will be moving into the open classes, with the goal of getting one of her first certificates soon. We’ve recently started doing agility classes and she loves them, as well! She often gets to come to my office for the day, where she’s a huge star. She is without a doubt the best dog I have ever had, and I love her to bits! As I plan for the future and look into possibly getting another dog, you’ll definitely be the first person I contact. I’ve included some photos of Pippa below!

Thanks and hope all is well,


MarleyApril 23, 2018


Hey Wanda!

The first night went well! She’s a great puppy already!

We had a lot of fun running in the backyard with her, the girls loved it.

She’s been eating well so far (yesterday evening and this morning) and she slept all night in a crate next to our bed. No whining at all.

She loves being around us. She has found a favorite spot under a table in our living room.

I included a couple pictures from her first day with us.

Thanks again!


FarmerApril 19, 2018


Just sent you a pic of farmer. He is doing good. Sure do love him. He loves to go outside and play and “help” with chores!!!! He gets to play with stitch often. They have so much fun!!!! Kind of a spoiled little fella but that’s ok!!!! Hope all is well with you.


WillowApril 18, 2018

Willow (a.k.a. Prada)

Hey Wanda,

First off I’d like to say how happy we are with Willow. She is such a sweet girl and tons of fun. I get woken up at 7 every morning with kisses 🙂




CooperApril 10, 2018


Hi Wanda,
I hope you’re doing well.

Everyone here is doing great. Cooper has started puppy playtime and has a blast with the other dogs. He’s always so happy afterwards and then just passes out asleep. He handles himself so well with others- he’s playful but also stays calm. We’ve made significant progress on commands, potty training, and walking on the leash. Jeff and I can’t get over how smart he is. And yes, he’s still as handsome as ever (attaching some photos). Kindergarten starts for him this weekend, so I am excited to see him learn new tricks and skills.

I am not sure if you have heard from anyone, but we’ve had a number of people ask us for your information. I wanted to flag one person in particular – our building’s live-in superintendent, Danny He’s a wonderful guy and he just loves Cooper (obviously, he’s hoping to find another just like him!).

The weather is getting nicer near us – it makes us really excited for all the fun times ahead. I hope it’s getting warmer near you as well.

All my best,

March 31, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Today is Rudy’s 3rd birthday! I can’t believe he is already 3! It seems just like yesterday when we picked him up from you. He was very excited when he woke up this morning and there was a little snow for his birthday, he loves the snow and likes to eat it. His favorite things to do are play catch, run around with his big brother Henry, he also loves looking out the window, watching tv and cuddling! We love him so much, he’s such a great boy!

Amanda, Joe, Henry, and Rudy P.

CrushMarch 28, 2018

Cooper (a.k.a. Crush)

Hi Wanda,

I am attaching Crush/Cooper’s microchip registration form…and a couple of pictures of him from yesterday. My goal is to get some action shots of him over the next couple of days, and I will be sure to pass them along.

We took him to the vet yesterday, and he did really well. Everything looks good. We’ll be back in 2 weeks for his next round of shots.

We’re having a great time with him – he’s got tons of energy so we’ve been playing in the park for a couple of hours each day. He usually passes out in his favorite nap spot along the edge of our bed afterwards.

He’s the star of our block. All of our doormen get excited when we come down – and the doormen of the buildings nearby as well! A number of our neighbors on the block now know him and look out for him. We’ve even had a couple of people ask the details of where we got him, so maybe you’ll hear from some prospective owners.

On a funny note, he met the actor James Franco this morning. I was playing with him on our corner and I heard a big “awww!” My routine when this happens (which is at least a 20-30 times a day) is to ask if the person would like to meet him. I didn’t realize until I started speaking that it was Franco. He was very nice – he pet Cooper and commented on what an adorable dog he is.

Cooper is currently napping in a “superman” pose – and I am trying to get through my work for the day, so we can go back out for a bit this afternoon.

I’ll be in touch soon, and feel free to reach out with my questions!


RyleeMarch 27, 2018


We have thoroughly enjoyed Rylee being part of our family! I thought you might like to see her on her first birthday. She weighs 22 pounds, has a wonderful personality & is so pretty!!

TheoMarch 26, 2018

Theo (a.k.a. Bowen)

Hi Wanda!

All is going great. I took Theo to the vet last week on Wednesday to get his shots but it was too early so we will go back again this week Friday.

When we were at the vet they of course thought he was the most handsome fellow they had ever seen. The check up they did complete went well and he weighed in at 10.5 lbs.

Potty training is going fairly well with only a few accidents here and there. He also continues to sleep through the night without issue which is amazing .

Also it’s a crazy small world…I went to get my hair colored on Saturday and met “Tuffs” new Mom! I left her my number so I think sometime we will get together for a play date.


Piper/StitchMarch 26, 2018

Stitch (a.k.a. Piper)

We want to say we are over the moon. We love the pup so much!!!!!!!She is doing great no accidents, slept in her crate until 4:00 whined a bit, took her out to potty and back in the crate. Woke back up at 6:00. She is out doing chores at the moment. Our oldest Carter was so excited.


MiloMarch 26, 2018


Hello Wanda,

It’s Milo’s two year adoptaversary today! I just wanted to say thank you again for giving us such a wonderful little guy. He’s the perfect walking buddy and he’s so smart. We love him so much, and even though he’s a maniac sometimes, I can’t imagine a more perfect pair than him and Rainey! They are each other’s yin and yang. Thank you again for helping us find our little Milo Man.

Morgan and John

Crush/Teddy/CooperMarch 24, 2018


Hi Wanda,

I wanted to let you know that Crush/Teddy/Cooper is doing really well. You were so right, he’s even more handsome in person than in pictures and he’s got an amazing temperament – he’s playful, smart, and calm. He loves getting his belly rubbed and has returned the favor with lots of licking of our faces and ears.

Last night, he came out of his crate immediately and explored around. Jeff ran him around the house and we introduced him to some toys. He seems to enjoy his rope the best – in fact anything that seems like a rope – scarfs, strings on a hoodie, fringe on the edge of the rug, even his own leash. He even has his favorite treats: crispy pork and lamb lung.

Everyone on the block stops to look at him whenever we take him out – he gets more attention than a celebrity. He’s already had admirers ranging from about 3 years old to 83. Once someone greets and pets him, there is often someone else waiting to do the same.

We seem to have the “come” and “sit” commands well solidified. He’s already napping and playing in his crate. I don’t think he’s quite adjusted yet to having to pee on the concrete. We live down the block from a 24/7 Emergency Vet, and he will pee in front their office, but otherwise we haven’t been able to coax him. He’s currently napping, but later this afternoon, I plan to walk him to our local pet store/groomer. Now that we know his toy preferences, we want to add some addition options for him. If he has energy left, I’ll take him to the park to see how he does on the lawns with the squirrels.

I am attaching a few photos in this email and one following. I’ll be sure to continue to update you on how he’s doing. Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Jeff and I feel so lucky to be the parents of such a great pup. Thank you so much for all you’ve done so far in raising him. You’ve done a tremendous job – he’s been so easy for us.
He has brought so much joy to our lives.

Wanda – I’m not exaggerating. People line up 3-4 deep to pet him. It’s like walking down the street with a movie star.

All our best,
Courtney and Jeff

FarrisMarch 22, 2018


Hi Wanda!

Farris is SO SMART!! Of course he’s very handsome as well. We always get compliments on him, every time we go out (potty breaks, walks,…).

Farris walks very nicely on the lead. He knows Sit and we’re working on Stay, etc. Is there an official rulebook for the proper hand signals, verbal commands to use, in case we’d like to show him? I know that AKC Marketplace has a few options.

Farris is growing like a weed! He’s already 10lbs.! I forgot to ask, how big are his mom and dad? I don’t care how big he gets, I’m just curious. I think, expression wise, he looks a lot like mom (Shiraz).

He’s a very warm, snuggly puppy with us, but wary of strangers, which is perfect! He sits and looks at strangers, doesn’t hide, just watches them. I swear you can see him evaluating them. I can’t say enough about how amazingly intelligent he is! What great dogs you have, Wanda! I’m so happy we found you.

His favorite games are fetch and tug of war. Sometimes he races around the house like a crazy dog, which is hysterical. It always makes me smile. He’s enthusiastically trying to have our senior cat play with him, but has had no luck whatsoever. However, the two are peacefully defining their borders and learning to live with each other.

We’ve decided to keep his call name Farris (nice job, Wanda!) and his registered name will be Sandy Creek’s Twist and Shout.

Also, I loved the way your shampoo smelled on him. Could I have the name of the shampoo you used?

Happy Thursday!!


BindiMarch 20, 2018


Hi Wanda,

We have been over the moon with Bindi! She has slept through the night since after our arrival home. Although a few accidents each day, she has already learned to jingle the bells on the door to alert us she needs to go out. Smart dog!! Sam and I plan to enroll in puppy training classes soon followed by agility training. She is so good around others and has so easily adjusted to our home. We do crate her at night. The whimpering lasted just three nights. She now goes in without issue. I took her to a work meeting for “pet therapy” (show and tell!) last week. My fellow nurses even threw her a puppy shower. She was absolutely perfect! My kids were completely surprised since we never told them of plans to acquire a dog until they received care packages. Bindi has been to the vet and received her next vaccinations. She has transitioned well to her current food. We will try to keep you posted as she grows. Thank you for breeding this beautiful, canine companion!


OliverMarch 20, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Oliver now weighs 19.8 pounds!! He was at the vet on Friday for a booster shot. He is doing GREAT! We love him to pieces!! Training is going well and he is 95% house trained. I will send you some newer pics when I get a minute. I giggled when I look at these because he has changed so much. We took him on some long walks this weekend at a busy park and then spent time socializing him outside a grocery store and everyone who seems him comments on how beautiful he is. His left eye still just has a sliver of blue and a great distinguishing mark!

I couldn’t get Joe and his girlfriend, Amelie, off of your website…. trying to convince me that Oliver needs a sibling!!


KodaMarch 18, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Koda at his 4 month mark. He’s doing great. He is a huge hit where ever we go. Super playful and great with every dog or person we meet. We started our second round of training this weekend and he’s already a star of the class. Very smart. He’s also growing like a weed. Great bill of health from the vet last weekend and weighed in at 25 lbs. Hope all is well.


Koda (a.k.a. Pepper) is a Lucia/ Ogee puppy.

February 18, 2018



Hope all is well with your new litters; lots of wonderful furry companions.

We are more in love with Buddy every day. Thirteen weeks old today, so Buddy and I went to Starbucks for a “Puppy Chino” (small cup of Whip Cream) and a coffee. Girls at the drive thru already know Buddy and moon all over him each time we show up.

— dll & Buddy

February 17, 2018


Hi Wanda,

I thought you would like to see some pics of Oliver at 14.8 pounds! He is working to grow into his ears which are growing faster than he is! He is such a sweet boy with a great temperament. Simply a joy! He is 90% successful with going potty outside! We have started a puppy training program and he is a quick learner. He will be done with all his shots on March 12 so we can start going to dog parks for additional activity and more socializing with dogs. He loves to go for walks and we sometimes find him crying at the lower level door where we depart for walks. He had his first bath this morning because we walked right after it snowed and he was muddy!

Our vet asked us if we knew about MDR1 mutation – he thought he should be tested for it. Do you test your dogs? I was curious what you knew about it for this breed.

We all spent time looking at all of the new puppies on your website today and they are fantastic – Halo was my favorite! I hope all is well with you and that all the new puppies are finding homes. How is Tegan doing? We do sometimes call Oliver by Tegan’s name!!

Best, Christa

February 14, 2018



This is a Trooper / Reagan offspring. WATCH FOR HIM IN THE SHOW RING!!!

PeteFebruary 8, 2018


Here is Pete today feeding cows with Kevin!

Pete is a Bailey/ Jack puppy.

January 21, 2018

Pippa (aka Rosemary)

Pippa (aka Rosemary) is doing great! Sky has discovered how fun it is to have a playmate and they chase one another around between snacks and naps. She will have a wonderful life here and will be treasured. Thanks for giving her such a good start.

January 5, 2018

Another Happy Family

Hi Wanda,

Out for our daily walk. She is doing great. We just love her.

DenaliJanuary 1, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Just wanted to check in quick and say hi. Denali got neutered on Dec. 20th and is doing great. No issues at all.

He’s a very happy boy and everyone loves him.

Have a great New Year.

AsherJanuary 4, 2018


Hi Wanda,

Wanted to send wishes for a wonderful new year. I hope you enjoyed a very happy Christmas. Looks like you’ll be starting out 2018 busy with lots of new puppies. How fun!!!

Asher is 3 years old now and we just celebrated his third Adoption Day in December. He is an amazing dog. Everyone loves him, and my kids’ friends always want to stop in to see him. He is obedient, humorous, loving, smart, talented and always ready to have some fun. I remember you telling me that Aussies are “Velcro” dogs. I wasn’t so sure in the beginning, but there’s no doubt about it now. He enjoys being a part of everything we do.

Thank you for being such an awesome breeder and providing us such an incredible dog!

Happy New Year Wanda!