Happy Customers – 2020

SashaDecember 31, 2020


Hi Wanda,

Sasha is doing great. Smart as a whip, super athletic and energetic and now thinking about getting her into agility training when she turns one. But all in all she’s a great dog and you did a wonderful job with her.


Tavy and Sasha

Sasha is a Trooper & Savannah Puppy

BroncoDecember 28, 2020

Bronco (a.k.a. Rio)

Hey Wanda-

Just sending a quick update on Bronco!

He is loved. He is spunky. He is playful. He is amazing in his kennel. And he is working hard to master potty training.

We are so lucky to have him.

Sarah and Nick

Bronco is a Saverah / Trooper puppy.

RemiDecember 27, 2020


Hi Wanda,

Remi is the best girl, super smart and happy all the time. We changed her name after we got to know her better. She started puppy class and loves the snow and she is doing really great at potty training and socialization. She really is an easy puppy. We love her!

Kristyen and Karin

Joy/Kojack DogDecember 22, 2020

Another Happy Customer


She is a Joy/Kojack dog.

FozzieDecember 18, 2020



He is wonderful, mom loved him! We have actually decided to stay with Fozzie! Its so fun and he seems receptive to it. Thanks for checking in.

This is a Saverah/ Trooper puppy.

Bailey aka WillaDecember 17, 2020

Bailey (a.k.a. Willa)


Wanted to follow up and send you a picture of Bailey (Willa) now that she is 4.5 months old. She has been a great dog and we love her very much. Such a smart and energetic pup. She is all current on her vet visits and everything went great. We get a lot of compliments on her. Happy holidays to you and your Family.

Paul, Michelle, Ethan and Lucas

SukiDecember 17, 2020


We are so happy with our little girl Suki! She makes our lives so much better every day and has the most lovely personality. She is exactly as you described; smart as a whip, full of energy, and very much our little shadow around the house. We love the combination of high energy but always willing to cuddle! I am sorry I didn’t get to you before your litter arrived but I hope they are all doing well. Suki is about 14 inches at the shoulder and she is 22 lbs at the moment. She’s a very happy girl and has been a joy to have as a companion around the house as I have been working from home since March and will likely continue to do so indefinitely.


BroncoDecember 16, 2020


Thank you for trusting us with your beloved pup. He is so loved.

My girls were so happy, my oldest started to cry, which makes me cry.

He has a name also, Bronco. It fits him perfectly.

Talk soon.


GinnyDecember 4, 2020

Ginny (a.k.a. Wink)


We can’t believe she’s already been with us for 2 months! We love her and she fits with us so well! She’s getting so big. We’ve been working with a trainer and learning lots. The biggest focus at the moment is walking. She picks things up fast and is definitely treat motivated. She loves meeting other dogs and humans. Her last round of required vaccinations occurred this week and the vet was so impressed with her behavior. She’s super chill for a puppy and already consistently greets new people sitting, but also extremely wiggly. It’s rare we can go outside without stopping to say hello to someone in our building.

Becky and Joel

SkipperNovember 19, 2020

Skipper (a.k.a. Fiona)

Hi Wanda –

I wanted to give you a quick update on Skipper. First and foremost, I love Skipper! She has been the best friend and companion I could ask for. She is so unbelievably smart and the funniest dog I’ve ever met. I take her to the dog park by the airport as much as I can and even though there are a ton of dogs there she runs from person to person greeting everyone! She loves people and people are always picking her up and snuggling her.

She does really well with the dogs in my apartment building and plays with them at our private dog park. She has officially been deemed the buildings “fastest dog” which is quite impressive for a 4.5 month old.

She adjusted to living with me quite well. She is crate trained and I’ve actually been leaving her to run around my apartments when I’m gone. She hasn’t chewed anything and is quite well behaved.

There are not words to express how thankful I am to you and the way you breed your Mini Aussies. Skipper is unbelievable and feel so very lucky to have her.

I’ll send more updates!

GunnarNovember 17, 2020


Hi Wanda,

I wanted to update you on Gunnar! He’s been the absolute sweetest puppy and we are so thankful for him. Today is November 17th, so he’s about 3 and a half months and at his 2 month check up was 16.8 lbs. We go in tomorrow so I’ll be excited to see what he weighs now! We get told how healthy he is every time we’ve been! We also get cars stopping to say how cute he is and he’s socializing very well. As you can see he loves his toys and his morning walks. We love him so much!

Hope all is well!

BreeNovember 12, 2020


Hello Mrs. Wanda. I hope y’all are doing well ! Well as of tomorrow 11/13/20 we have an 11 year old!!! I cannot believe how fast time is going by. Scares me to death the thought of life without her. But thankfully she has not slowed down a whip. And still so so smart. She has learned that almost every drive thru around here has doggie treats so she makes sure to put on the biggest show to get their attention haha! We had a rough beginning of the year we lost her big brother our bloodhound Shooter to cancer. We all took it so hard including her but that’s understandable she never knew life here without him having spent just shy of 10 years together. But now she’s back to her old bouncy self so much so people don’t believe me when I say she’s 11 because she so active. I took this picture of her today so y’all could see how gracefully she’s aging! I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving! We are definitely sending thanks to y’all for our angel pup who we love so dearly!


BeccaNovember 12, 2020

Sandy Creek Becca

Hi Wanda, hope you are doing well. Thought I would send you an updated picture of Gracie a.k.a. Becca. She is doing well and we are having a great time in puppy school. She is soooooo smart! She now puts herself to bed in return for a reward! Trots right into her crate and then pokes her little nose out for a kibble. I am looking forward to visiting you when I’m back in MN.

Bonnie A.

HarleyNovember 10, 2020


Here are a few pictures of Harley. She is such a great dog!! We love her so much. She is so smart, sweet and loves her big sisters. Anyone would be lucky to get a puppy from Sandy Creek! We feel like we got the pick of the litter.


GeordieOctober 20, 2020


Due to the pandemic, Geordie can only admire just some of his well-earned ribbons and titles for 2019. Trials for 2020 were mostly cancelled. He holds 5 titles in AKC Scent Work and 40 ribbons including qualifying and placement ribbons. We’ve also had to put off training with instructors for the majority of this year, although we train at home. He loves the sport and always pulls me toward the start line. When I got Geordie, I had no intention of ever competing in AKC or any venue. Look at us now! I’m very proud of my Sandy Creek pup!

Hope all this well with you at Sandy Creek!

Julie and Geordie

Lainey aka HarleyOctober 7, 2020

Lainey a.k.a. Harley

We love her so much. Such a good girl. Really starting to be all puppy. Chewing on everything and full of energy to play. Walking well on a leash and loving her new dog friends.

RoxyOctober 1, 2020


Roxy is settling in nicely. She is very affectionate and very playful. We made a great choice when we chose her. We took her to the veterinarian on Monday and the vet told us that he thought you, as the breeder, did a fantastic job and that Roxy was in great shape and very healthy. So we want to thank you for your hard work.

The veterinarian told us we could take her out for walks, so we started those yesterday so we could start the process of socialization. This afternoon she has a meet and greet with our neighbor’s two young children.

Pablo, Melissa & Roxy

StormySeptember 30, 2020


Hi Wanda,

Stormy is smart, easy to train, and loves to play. Our red aussie Dusty and her get along great. I’ll have to check out the new litter on the website when they’re born.

Thanks for the lovely puppy!

Bart B

Stormy is a Saverah/ Trooper puppy.

Another Happy PuppySeptember 29, 2020

Another Happy Puppy (and Customer)

Hi Wanda,

Things are going great!

I attached some pictures. Right now we’re working on crate training and potty training and having fun getting to know each other.

She is very loving and we’re loving her! She is sitting at my feet right now.

Thanks for checking in, I’ll let you know if there are any questions as they come up.



BeanzSeptember 30, 2020


Beanz is doing very well, he slept for the majority of our long car ride and only whined to let me know he had to go to the bathroom.


Paige & Beanz

RyderSeptember 22, 2020


Ryder is a very smart boy. He was house broke in 3 weeks. He loves his 11 yr old beagle mix sister! He will lay down, sit, shake, stay. He has many friends around the neighborhood that he runs circles around!

We love Ryder!

Cindy T

FrankieJuly 20, 2020


Frankie is doing great! We love her SO much!

LizzieJune 18, 2020

Lizzie (a.k.a. Marley)

Hey Wanda!! I hope you are doing well and staying healthy!!! It’s been a while since I’ve emailed you an update on Lizzie!!

I can’t believe she’ll be 2 and a half in a couple months! She is still extremely loved and spoiled like crazy!! ??

Playing fetch is one of her favorite things to do. She also loves running around outside with the kids. She also runs alongside me (leashed) when we go on bike rides and REALLY enjoys that. She loves it and doesn’t seem to ever want to stop. ❤️❤️ We go on a lot of hikes too!

We have a couple trips planned this summer. We’ll be going to the lakes in July where she enjoys swimming with us and jumping in the water from off the dock! We will also be going to Michigan again in August. We are staying at a place that has 40 acres to explore and have fun on. I’m sure we will all enjoy being there, even Lizzie!

I will be sure to send pics from our trips this Summer. In the meantime I will attach some recent pics of her!

Hope all is well and things are good on your end!! Enjoy the pictures!!

JamieJune 8, 2020

Jamie (a.k.a. Rocky)

Hi Wanda!

Hope you are well. Just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on Jamie (a.k.a. “Rocky”). He has been amazing – couldn’t have asked for a better pup, particularly at a time when we really needed the kind of joy and laughter that a puppy brings :). He is doing great with potty training, is great in the crate and in the car, and just loves people! He’s always hungry and growing like a weed – was 11lbs at 10 weeks and already seems so much bigger than a week ago.

~ Take care


Buxton/FlipMay 27, 2020

Buxton (a.k.a. Flip)


Just to let you know that Buxton (Flip) is doing extremely well. He is the smartest dog we have ever owned and at barely 5 months old he has mastered several tricks. He is the center of attention every where we go, especially on camping trips. My wife and I absolutely love him and he loves to go on long walks with us. He is very curious as most puppies are about everything. His favorite place in the house is resting on the air condition vents.

Thanks for allowing him to become a part of our family.

Rick and Gina.

MonetApril 28, 2020


She’s amazing. I think you did most of the work. We have had one pee and one poop and the poop was my fault. I knew to take her but went to grab my phone first…She slept through most of the night last night too. ? We love her. She comes to her name and we are working on sit.

This is Monet, she is a Saverah/Trooper puppy.

CharlayApril 9, 2020


Charlay is loving Ellis and his new home.

Haven and DodgeJanuary 25, 2020

Haven and Dodge

They are doing awesome! They had a full day yesterday. They definitely look for cooler places to rest. We love them so much. They’re doing great with giving signals to go outside to potty. Very impressed with them.

NickiJanuary 7, 2020



It was such a pleasure to meet you at the show last Sunday!

Nicki has got her C-ATCH (CPE Agility Trial Champion) title last fall. She has got Excellent titles in Standard, JWW and FAST in AKC agility and works on the Master titles. She continues competing in the Scent Work in CPE and AKC. Last year she earned the Novice titles in Containers, Interior and Exterior in AKC. She has also passed the ORT tests for all required scents in the NACSW and we hope to get her in some NACSW trials this year.
Nicki is a very busy girl these days. She has agility, scent work or obedience classes every evening on weekdays. And she has heaps of fun with all of it (well, maybe not necessarily the obedience ?).

As we have mentioned, Nicki has qualified for this year’s CPE Agility Nationals (in Ohio) and we are seriously considering entering her into it.

When we’ve got Nicki from you in January 2017, you have asked us if we are going to “show” her. We replied that we are just getting a pet dog, that’s all. That was an honest replay – we have never seriously trained a dog before and did not have plans to do it. Yet, here we are three years later, taking Nicki to classes and practices most weekday’s evenings and spending half weekends in agility or scent work trials. Not to mention that once in two-three months Nicki has an adjustment appointments with the vet chiropractor to make sure she is in good shape.
It is crazy. Good crazy.

We are happy to have Nicki as our family member and hope that she is happy with us.

Alex, Elvira and Nicki