Happy Customers – 2011


December 17, 2011

We have a new puppy at our home. She is another Miniature American Shepherd, we named her Holly. Cara the cat, loves her for some unknown reason and Journey is excited to have a new sister.
– Colleen


December 13, 2011


Hi Wanda;

Our little sweetie is doing great we have changed her name to Mieka. We take several walks during the day and I have been clicker training her, to come,sit, lay down she’s so smart. Also, she starts puppy classes next month. I did this for our other aussie and it really does help. I’ve attached a few photos we took when all the boys were home.

Love her!!

Thanks for raising/breeding such wonderful puppies!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Terri & Mark boys.


December 13, 2011


Hi Wanda,

Want to thank you again for Bodee he is so sweet and has captured my heart completely. My whole family has welcome him with much love. I also checked out your website and saw the pic of Bodee brought such a big smile to my face. Thank-you once again and I will send you pictures very soon. Happy Holidays Wanda …



December 11, 2011

Hi Wanda!

I just wanted to let you know that Frankie is doing extremely well. Potty training is coming along, with still no #2 accidents and only a few #1’s. Tomorrow I am getting a bell, as you suggested, for our door.

Frankie is truly the apple of my eye and has made our house a home once again. Sofia is loving him and the two play constantly.

Wanda, I cannot thank you enough for all the love, knowledge and care you put into your breeding program. We adore your puppy.

Warmest regards.



November 23, 2011

Hi Wanda

Little Layla did so much better last night, when she woke up I was there and she just went back to sleep. Such a good little girl, we love her so much. Thanks for the tip. It will be fun to have our older boys meet her they are all excited. She is pure joy and love. Thank you so much, can’t wait to send you pictures. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Little Layla is certainly making our Holiday special!!

Thank you

Mark and Terri &boys


November 20, 2011

WinchesterThis puppy sure is loved! It was so fun to watch him play in the first snow yesterday. He loved "helping" people shovel the driveway. He would run up and chase people until they had a shovel full of snow and then he would jump up onto it and just sit there- it was pretty cute. Here are a few of the many pictures that have been taken of the little guy in the past few days. Thank you again for this beautiful puppy, and for all the hard work you put into

taking care of and training him!

Brandon and Jess


August 25, 2011

TulsaHi Wanda…Tulsa is doing amazing!!!!! We have been working hard with him! He can sit, lay down, stay, shake, roll over, sit pretty! Just the last weekend he started catching the frisbee and jumping through a hoolahoop! He is unbelievably smart! He also has the best temperament! I can’t say enough good things about him! Rosie and him get along

famously!! All of my family and friends are waiting for your new litters to arrive!! Heheh they all LOVE him. Everytime I got to my parents, in-laws, friends they beg me to bring him!!! We have also trained him off the leash! He has been to soccer games, pool party, and many places where has has been well socialized!! We feel so unbelievably blessed to have him!

We can’t thank you enough! Hope all is well.


Late Summer 2011

Hi Wanda,
Hope all is well with you. Saw on your website that you have a new batch of cute puppies! Wish we could pick up a playmate for Brady!! One is enough I think. Anyway, he is doing just great and we love him. Such a nice, smart dog. He loves the tennis ball best of all!

Thanks, Julie



Late Summer 2011

Sandy Creek

Hi Wanda,

Clint and I just wanted to send you some pictures and let you know how Lola is doing. She is the most wonderful gift anyone could have, she even howls! She is extremely smart. She knows how to sit on command now and we are working on other tricks. We are still working on potty training but we both think she is catching on. She has made best buddies with our 7 yr old border collie (Mattie) and starting to make friends with our 4 yr old cate

(Spook). She knows when to be energetic to play and also knows when to settle down to cuddle.

Thank you again. I feel in the future, if we are looking for another pet, we will surely look you up again.


Late Summer 2011

Hi Wanda,

Thanks so much for the GREAT dog! He has been so good! Such a sweet guy and no accidents yet…knock on wood! Also, I put him in his cage at 9:30 last night and did not hear a peep from him till I got up at 6:30 this morning.The boys want to change his name to Willy!

We will keep in touch.



Summer 2011

Mitzi is doing great! We love her so much and she’s very affectionate. We can’t get enough compliments on how sweet of a dog she is. She’s quite small, about 17 lbs or so, give or take a treat or 2. We tend to spoil her and do everything with her. She loves walks and car rides, and going up to my family farm to play with all the other animals. We took her to the lake this summer and discovered she’s not a huge fan of the water but is content

sitting on an inflatable toy with us. She’s very much a part of our family and we’ve had a lot of fun!




Diva (Gabby)

August 2011

Diva (Gabby) is doing awesome! She has adjusted to her new home quite well and is definitely ruling the roost! Jaxson and she absolutely love each other. They have tons of fun playing as well as snuggling together! (I’ve actually been quite surprised that he lets her run the show most of the time!!!) She loves hanging out at the lake and riding in the boat. She is quite social…..the neighbors all know her well! We just started

puppy training 2 weeks ago and she is a quick and eager learner. She has become a treasured member of the family!


PS: People stop us all the time to comment on what a beautiful dog she is!!!



July 2011


Koda & Jayda

July 14, 2011

Water Babies

Sandy Creek