Happy Customers – 2017

EllieDecember 4, 2017


Today Ellie is 2 years old. She is a wonderful girl!! She rules the house…She is definitely an alpha girl!!! She is funny, playful and mischievious. A real character! We love her and so glad she is our girl. Congratulations to you and Gisele!! She is a beauty. I hope you will like the pictures I have included of Ellie. I hope you and your family are healthy and happy!

Mary L.

Tegan & FinnNovember 30, 2017

Tegan and Finn

This was today at my former work. Pretty cute. They were so well behaved.


ChevyNovember 14, 2017


Chevy says hi!! She is an amazing 1 year old! She will be in the disc club come next spring!!! Hope all is well!


BreeNovember 13, 2017



They say you aren’t supposed to pick favorites but out of all my 4 legged children she is definitely the one. My ride or die. Literally a once in a lifetime kind of dog and today she turns 8. I’m so blessed to own greatest worlds greatest dog! We love her very much ! Thank you, God bless, and wishing y’all a Happy Holidays!

November 11, 2017

Jersey and Ruby

Jersey & Ruby

CobieOctober 30, 2017


Hey Wanda,


I finally found some time to respond. The puppy is doing great and has the run of the house, the yard, the truck and everything else. She has a play friend nearby who comes over to hang out in our yard every now and then. I’ve added a couple photos of Cobie her new name and she is already retrieving balls, coming when I whistle and playing a bunch. Every time I get home I have to go and play with her for an hour or two to wear her down. As puppies do she is definitely teething and she has lots of chew toys and stuffed animals to hang out with. Definitely a joy and has a lot of character. We went on a trip to a dog friendly hotel for a couple days in St. Pete. She travels great! I’ll keep in touch.

DenaliOctober 8, 2017


Hi Wanda –

Our Denali is quite a character. He loves his buddy Mick. They play chase every day. Denny loves ice cubes and any kitchen activity. That boy loves food.

He’s very vocal, for sure. But he’s always happy. We get tons of kisses.

He’s a beautiful boy.


VinnyOctober 1, 2017


She is really a beauty!


FinnSeptember 28, 2017


Finn sleep in the crate last night. He barked for 20” then went to sleep til just before 7am when he woke me up.


Finn’s eyes are so expressive. It’s like he is talking to us. He loves playing fetch with the ball. Now he jumps from 2nd bottom step over the bottom step to get the ball.

It was nice talking with you. Thank you for answering questions. You are so full of information!



AbbySeptember 27, 2017


Hi Wanda,

She is doing great. So smart, potty training has been very easy! She will go to our vet this week for a check up and her 2nd round of shots!


I will touch base if I think of any questions.



This is a Tomika / Jack puppy, Abby

LillieSeptember 26, 2017

Lilly (a.k.a. Kobie)

Hey Wanda,

Lilly (aka Kobie) is doing great!!! She is soooo smart and absolutely loves the house. She is perfect. I had to get a bunch of stuffed animals and she is having no issues with eating. Evernody loves her. We have an hour or 2 in the yard playing and then she takes a nap. Thank you again.


Lilly is a Tomika/ Jack Puppy

RyleeSeptember 26, 2017

Rylee is such a wonderful puppy! She weighed 16.8 pounds at six months. The vet did preliminary blood work prior to her spay. He said her results were excellent!

I am home with her every day & she stays right by me. We have no need for puppy gates up or down stairs. If I go upstairs to get something, she lays at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me until I return. She loves other dogs & people, especially children! Neighbor kids come over & ask if I can take her outside to play with them. We go for walks everyday. People driving by have stopped, on several occasions, to ask about her. She & I sit outside on the deck & she lays on the wicker coffee table watching bunnies & squirrels in the yard. Thank you for letting us get her from you. She adds so much to our lives!


Rylee is a Reagan / Trooper puppy

September 25, 2017



CyraSeptember 25, 2017


Hi Wanda,

Hard to believe that Cyra is a year old already! We recently graduated from Level 3 training classes and will be starting Level 4 soon. She loves walking and running with me and she does a great job of both! She goes to dog day care at least once a week and loves playing with all the other dogs and the staff always raves about her! I have two co-workers who after meeting Cyra recently bought Aussies themselves! Thank you for the most wonderful dog I could have ever asked for!!

Brian M.

TweedAugust 20, 2017


Hi Wanda,

Just wanted to send you a little update on Tweed. He is growing and training well. We have been enjoying puppy and obedience classes with him. He loves the tuna fudge! Every single day we feel thankful to have him as part of our family. He is a treasure!

🙂 Yvonne

DasherAugust 26, 2017


Just a brief update, September will be busy. Dasher has two nosework events coming up, and of course training going on as usual. We got a go pro 5 and are using it for training; Dasher and Rudi got to wear it and it’s cool to see things from their perspective.

RudiAugust 26, 2017

Rudi (a.k.a. Pebbles)


Rudi has grown and is having the time of his life. Today we got our 3 level of agility training and will start our next one after Labor Day. He is a natural, and our Parkour training has put him way ahead. He’s having a blast at Parkour. Next month he will turn 1, Celebration time!!!!

Thank you for a wonderful pup and Dash appreciates it too!

DarwinAugust 22, 2017


Hi Wanda,

Here is Darwin’s “bear rug” pose. : )


Darwin is a Trooper/Reagan Puppy

FinleyAugust 22, 2017


Hi Wanda!

Just wanted to send an email saying Finnley is doing wonderful!

Finn is such a wonderful guy and so active. He just wants to learn new things and play all the time. Frisbee is his favorite!

Hope you’re doing well,

Andy and Sarah

NickiAugust 13, 2017



Attached is a picture of Nicki fast asleep after busy day of visiting crowded places, training, and running with the favorite toy.


Alex and Elvira

CyraAugust 9, 2017


Hi Wanda!

I thought you’d appreciate an update on Cyra. She’s doing fantastic… Graduated from level 2 classes the other week and starting level 3 in a week or so. Hard to believe how much she’s grown in ten months… Thanks again!

Brian M.

HarleyJuly 29, 2017


Good Morning Wanda,

What a busy summer. Thought I’d send you a few pictures of Brianna & Harley.

He is an amazing boy. He is Scott’s alarm clock. Gets onto bed at 4:30 am to get a belly rub before Scott leaves for work, then off to the girl’s bedroom for playtime on bed before girls go to daycare. He loves to play ball & frisbee with Karri & the girls, along with dip in their kiddy pool.

I attached photos taken at county fair. So proud of Team Harley. Brianna & Harley got Grand Champion foundation obedience, Grand Champion foundation rally, & Reserve Champion novice showmanship. Judge stated she & Harley have a bright future. Judge stated she had excellent handling skills. She missed
one question – the para influenza in the DHLPP vaccination, only reason she obtained reserve. Her first year in 4-H. What a great performance for a 9 year old girl & her 91/2 month old puppy. Way to go Team Harley. So proud of them.

Hope this finds all well at your house.


CamiJuly 22, 2017

Cami (a.k.a. Lucy)

Hi Wanda!

This is Jim. Shown is Lucy (now Cami) from the December 2015 litter with Reagan.

Here’s Cami at the dog park in carver! She loves it! We need to get her groomed. 🙂 She’s literally the best dog EVER. The only thing that has added this much joy and value to my life is my fiancee Brittany (who was formerly girlfriend at the time we got Cami!).

We just moved in to a new home in Chaska/Carver and she is so happy!

Thank you!


AscheJul 22, 2017


Hey Wanda!

It’s been almost a year since we got Ashe (crazy!) and he is doing great! He is seriously the happiest, sweetest, little boy! He loves the dog park- he gets along with everyone and receives so many compliments from owners cause he’s so darn handsome. Kevin and I are also training for a half marathon and he is the perfect running buddy! -Beth and Kevin

Boone, Stretch & PeteJuly 20, 2017

Boone, Stretch & Pete


All three of the kids are doing great! Boone will be 3 on Saturday. Pete and Stretch turn 1 in September. Pete has quite a thick coat. She loves her shade and air conditioning in the summer! She also makes sure we know if someone or something is out of place.

Chevy BluJuly 18, 2017

Chevy Blu


Spoiled little 10 month old!! Tops out at 25 lbs…she will be in Minnesota disc club in the spring!! Chevy Blu I love you!!! Thanks Wanda and family for a perfect dog!

EllieJuly 11, 2017


She is 19 months old and loving our summer in Colorado!! She is very entertaining…Never a dull moment with her around. She loves her family, and we love her!

Rooney & Luna

We met Brittney & Luna at the Minnehaha Dog Park… two of your “babies” & their happy owners!

EnaJune 30, 2017


Ena had her trip to PetSmart today. We went there to buy her a new collar. We walked out with $110 worth of essential dog treats and paraphenalia. She was a queen there. She loves the yard and alternated between exploring every nook and cranny and napping. She protected us from invading runners going by so she has established her boundaries. In short, she is fitting in wonderfully and Sue and Ena are sound asleep in their respective beds. Thanks for checking in. We’ll keep you informed as her life develops.

GraceJune 27, 2017


Hi Wanda,

It’s been a while so I thought I’d give you an update on Grace. She is doing wonderful and we couldn’t be more pleased.

We took Grace to her very first AKC show this past weekend to compete in Rally and Obedience. She did a fantastic job!!

She showed twice in Beginner Novice Rally and qualified both times with scores of 95 and then a perfect 100!!! All we need is one more Rally leg for her title.

She then showed in Novice Obedience. I messed up and entered the more difficult Novice instead of Beginner Novice, but Grace took great care of her momma and scored a 195 in her very first Obedience class!!!! One leg there and two more legs to go in Obedience.

Now that AKC gives titles for Trick Dogs I’m going to video all of her tricks and submit them. She knows enough to earn at least the Advanced Trick Dog Title.

I do believe we aptly named her Sandy Creek’s Amazing Grace!!

I’ve attached a couple of pictures from this weekend, you can certainly see her smile. She had a blast!!

I can’t thank you enough for breeding this very special girl!!


CashJune 21, 2017


First time on the lake…we love him!

TweedJune 21, 2017

Hi Wanda,

Tweed loved the tuna fudge and is doing well in puppy classes. They are teaching things like sit, down, and how to let others meet him. We are really enjoying and loving him! He is a wonderful part of our family!

Here is a pic of him all tuckered out from playing.

🙂 Yvonne

PeteJune 2, 2017

Pete enjoyed her first official four wheeler ride!! She did great!


LunaMay 15, 2017

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

Luna is an amazing little dog. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her immediately!

Feel free to email/call anytime with tips or just catching up. I’ll be sure to do the same with any questions we have!

TweedMay 14, 2017



Things are going well! Tweed is napping on a cozy bed with toys in his wire kennel (door open) right now. We love love love him! He ate only half his lunch yesterday, and finished the rest at dinner. He ate all his breakfast today and has been going potty outside, with the exception of a couple times that we missed his signals. He has been happy, playful, kissy, and sleepy after a while. We’ve had to teach Ruby (our 8 year old) to do other things when Tweed naps and to let him rest up.

We are enjoying him immensely!

Here is Ruby reading a book to him.

Thanks for checking in and happy Mother’s Day!!

🙂 Yvonne

HarleyMay 6, 2017


Good morning Wanda,

Just a note to give you an update on Harley. Brianna and Harley have been attending a Conformation class to keep him socialized and get both of them familiarized with ring procedure. Two weeks ago they also started 4-H obedience, showmanship classes. Harley is doing well. Sits and downs are good, but fronts and stays are a work in progress. Focused attention and heeling going well also. He has such a great temperment and is a clown at times. He loves to run and play with the girls. Has done a fantastic job of coming when called while out in the yard with the girls. However likes to take off with their shoes when they take them off while on the trampoline. (The girls now put them up to avoid any chewing!)

On April 4, 2017 he was neutered. All shots are up to date. Attached is the invoice from St. Charles Vet Clinic for the neutering. Dr. Berends commented on what a wonderful temperament he has and how well behaved.

Thank you again for such a “Good Boy’. He has brought great joy to our family. ( Even Scott has bonded with him! Figure that…)


Milo & RaineyMay 5, 2017

Milo and Rainey

Hi Wanda,

I know it’s been a while so I wanted to send an update on Milo (a.k.a. Ronni).

He is the most wonderful little boy! He picked up on potty training almost immediately, he sleeps through the night in his kennel with no problems, and we can leave him out during the day with no concerns! He does have a small obsession with zippers and will pick them out of things (dog beds, pillows, etc.) if he gets too bored, but we caught that quickly and it hasn’t been a major problem. He does great at doggy daycare, but he spends most of his days at home with his new sister, Rainey (another black tri from Aussie Rescue MN). She doesn’t do so well with other dogs, but she LOVES Milo. The two love snuggling and chasing each other around the backyard. Somehow he’s her weakness! Milo loves other dogs, but does have some fear of strangers; however, he warms up pretty quickly with the help of hotdogs. We’ve done Obedience 1 and Agility for Fun with him (he was a rockstar at both) and will be starting an Outdoor Recall class with him in June. He’s so affectionate and snuggly with both us and Rainey. I honestly can’t believe how lucky we got with him!

Thank you so much for giving us our little Milo man. We couldn’t be happier!

Morgan and John

Laura'sApril 27, 2017

Laura has bought two dogs from us, her in laws bought one too!!!!!

CyraApril 19, 2017

Cyra (a.k.a. Mocha)

Hi Wanda!

Cyra (aka Mocha) got spayed on Monday… She’s recovering well but as you can tell from the pic she did not like her cone, everybody at the vet thought she was the most beautiful and sweetest puppy… They wanted to keep her! We start another class next week… She’s so smart I can’t believe how quickly she learns new things! Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!

Brian M

(Bailey – Jack Puppy)

Stretch & PeteMarch 30, 2017

Stretch and Pete

They are doing great! I don’t think it’s possible for them to put any more joy into our lives!

Otherwise all is well. Stretch is doing great also. He is quite a bit larger than Pete. But he has Paul wrapped around his paw!

Sandy CreekFebruary 15, 2017

She is so fantastic!!!

This puppy is out of Porsche/Trooper

CyraFebruary 15, 2017

Cyra aka Mocha

Hi Wanda,

I thought you might want a quick update on Cyra aka Mocha. She’s doing great… getting really big 23 pounds as of her last vet appointment two weeks ago! Training is going great she’s really smart and picks up things very quickly… The only trick she had any problems with was roll over. She hasn’t had any accidents in the house in over a month! She’s been going to puppy social hour every week for the last month and a half and she gets along great with other dogs. She started obedience classes last week. I attached a picture for you. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy… I enjoy every moment with her!


PorterFebruary 5, 2017


Porter is a Porsche / Trooper male.

HarleyFebruary 5, 2017


Good Evening Wanda,

Oh what a delightful puppy. Brianna & I worked with Harley before the Super Bowl football game started. He did sits, sphinx down, touch, right & left circles. So smart, & willing to work. Was amazing how well they worked together in such a short time of bonding.

Everyone really pleased. Even my son Scott surprised how docile he is. Thanks again for this little boy!

HarleyFebruary 5, 2017


Had a great first night! What a wonderful dog.

You will see him in the 4-H show ring, and maybe in the AKC ring !!!!

(This is a Bailey/ Jack puppy.)

FinleyFebruary 1, 2017


Hi Wanda!

 Finnley is doing so wonderful! Loving going with me or to the store with Andy every day. Such a smart little guy. Really loving playing frisbee and going on walks.

RudiJanuary 30, 2017

Rudi had his first Graduation from obedience school today. He did wonderfully, I’m so proud of him. Next weekend its Dasher’s turn, we do our CGC test. We practiced at Lowe’s yesterday (that is where we will do it at), so I’m confident I’ll have good news then.

QuinnJanuary 26, 2017


Hi Wanda!

I just wanted to check in and tell you Quinn is doing amazing! I can’t believe he is already a year old! He is so smart and knows so many fun tricks, and it’s been so much fun training him! He is so energetic and loves to play with his frisbee or chasing tennis balls! Him and I are going to try dock diving this spring to see if he enjoys that! He loves the water and our lake and loves to swim! Right now we are working towards trying out frisbee or agility as well! He is just the sweetest little boy and loves any dog or person he meets, and is glued to my sides almost all the time! I have recently started taking up photography and Quinn has his own Instagram page, everyone on there just adores him as does anyone we meet! 🙂 I just wanted to tell you thank you for such a wonderful boy and he is truly my best friend!

Thank you again – Faith

ChevyJanuary 24, 2017


Chevy is doing amazing!!! She is so beautiful and smart!!


KeeganJanuary 16, 2017


Keegan loves the snow! We do laps around the neighborhood. He stays close by, listens well and he likes to watch people and animals from the house… just being a good guard dog! 🙂

KenyaJanuary 6, 2017

Kenya (a.k.a. Zoey)

She is doing so well, Wanda! We just love her.

On December 26, we went to Arizona with our kids for a week and Kenya flew there and back so well. She has turned out to be better than I had even hoped on traveling. This was her second round trip to Arizona with me. The crews at Sun Country just love her!!! Yesterday, the flight attendant greeted Kenya with more enthusiasm than she greeted us!!!!!

Here’s a picture of her yesterday, just chillin’ on the floor in the airport around the gate as we are waiting to board.

When we were in Arizona, all our kids (4) and 2 significant others just loved on her. She would get cuddled, pet and loved up every time she turned around.

I’m afraid that when it’s just Bob and I now, she will be disappointed!!!!

What I find so special about her temperament is that she is content to be trained and quiet and good and then we take her out for long walks or out in the snow and plays like a puppy.

She seems happy. I adore her! She and I are going through some intermediate training classes and she seems to enjoy pleasing me.
Just wanted you to know.