August 22, 2019


We wanted to let you know that Nicki has completed her third leg and has got an Open JWW title in AKC agility at the trial last weekend. Also, not sure if you are following the CPE (Canine Performance Events) much. Until recently the CPE was holding only agility trials. This year CPE added “Canine Scent Sport” (CSS) to their events. It is very similar to the “Scent Work” sport in AKC. Last month there was the very first CPE CSS trial in Minnesota. Nicki has qualified in all her 12 runs at a two day trial. By qualifying in 6 runs on the first day (two Containers, two Interiors, one Exteriors and one Vehicles searches) she earned her Level 1 title (CCSS-L1). It’s not clear at this time if the CPE scent sport events will get solid continuation and become as popular as the CPE agility events. However, it is a fact that Nicki has become the very first Miniature American Shepherd in Minnesota to get a CPE CSS title! 😊

Here is Nicki next to her ribbons from that CPE CSS trial:


Here is the link to the video of Nicki running Containers level 2 search (on the second day of the trial):

As we have mentioned before, Nicki has earned AKC Scent Work Novice Containers title. Here is Nicki next to her ribbons from the AKC Scent Work trials:


Nicki also participates in the CPE agility trials. She’s working on her C-ATCH (CPE Agility Trial Champion) title and has already advanced to the highest possible level in four classes out of seven. We will have to think about the way to picture her with the CPE agility ribbons as there is way too many of them. Just from the beginning of this year she has had about 45 qualifying runs in the CPE agility, with many resulting in the placements. Below is the link to the video of Nicki running Snooker course at one of the recent trials. She was one of very few dogs (just six or so) to qualify with the highest possible score (51) on this course.

We hope you and your family are doing well!


Alex, Elvira and Nicki



November 25, 2017

Sandy Creek’s Nicki with her AKC Canine Good Citizen and her Trick Dog Novice titles.